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When established in 1980, Hinoki Woodworking Machinery has been holding the spirit of managing the company in a rigorous and an earnest manner. With the continuous research and development, we have created reputable Double Side Planer which have been sold not only domestically but also internationally. In addition to providing high-quality Double Side Planners, we promise to offer our customers prompt and efficient services.
Hinoki Woodworking Machinery guarantees our professional knowledge and services in this filed to our repeat and potential customers owing to the following reasons. First, we have been in this industry for at least 30 years because of passion and persistence about the woodworking machines. Therefore, we continue on enhancing ourselves to get the advanced knowledge and expertise about woodworking machines. Second, we are willing to take any challenges and keep on developing and researching the best and most efficient woodworking machines in order to meet our customers' needs. With our professional experiences and strict management, we pledge to create a win-win situation. Not only can we satisfy customers but also our customers can apply our machines to maximize production and ultimately make a profit.

Quality is Hinoki's first priority. Hence, there are three directions for our company policy: forecast customers' needs; realize the customers' needs; and meet customers' needs. By grasping this idea, Hinoki's Double Side Planners have received a lot of good credits and more than "10,000" woodworking machines have been purchased all around the world.
At present, we are more enthusiastic about researching on new technology to produce the best woodworking machines and make an effort to corporate with some institutes for the development. Our vision statement is that we will endure to make "automatic", "wood-saving", "labor-saving", and "productivity-improving" woodworking machines to our customers. 
Business terms : Double Sided Planer.